madduwa` <04069>

ewdm madduwa` or edm maddua`

Pronunciation:mad-doo'-ah mad-doo'-ah
Origin:from 04100 and the pass. participle of 03045
Reference:TWOT - 848h
In Hebrew:ewdm 61, ewdmw 10, edm 1
In NET:Why 63, why 6, How 2, What 1
In AV:wherefore, why, how
Definition:1) why?, on what account?, wherefore?
or madduaa {mad-doo'-ah}; from 4100 and the passive
participle of 3045; what (is) known?; i.e. (by implication)
(adverbially) why?:-how, wherefore, why.
see HEBREW for 04100
see HEBREW for 03045

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