maggephah <04046>

hpgm maggephah

Origin:from 05062
Reference:TWOT - 1294b
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:hpgmh 12, hpgm 5, hpgmb 4, ytpgm 1, hpgml 1, tpgm 1, hpgmk 1, hpgmhw 1
In NET:plague 19, jolt 1, plagues 1, severely 1, slaughtered 1, slaughter 1, suffered defeat 1
In AV:plague 21
Definition:1) blow, slaughter, plague, pestilence, strike, smite
1a) blow (fatal stroke)
1b) slaughter (of battle)
1c) plague, pestilence (divine judgment)
from 5062; a pestilence; by analogy, defeat:-(X be)
plague(-d), slaughter, stroke.
see HEBREW for 05062

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