migdal <04026>

ldgm migdal also (in pl.) fem. hldgm migdalah

Pronunciation:mig-dawl' mig-daw-law'
Origin:from 01431, Greek 3093 Magdala
Reference:TWOT - 315f 315g
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:ldgm 13, ldgmh 7, ldgmw 5, Myldgm 3, ldgmk 3, ldgmm 3, ldgmhw 2, Myldgmw 2, hyldgm 2, Myldgmh 2, twldgmbw 1, twldgmk 1, ldgml 1, Kytldgmw 1, Kytwldgmb 1, twldgmh 1, twldgm 1
In NET:tower 19, towers 13, Tower 11, watchtower 3, towering platform 1, fortified towers 1
In AV:tower 47, castles 1, flowers 1, pulpit 1
Definition:1) tower
1a) tower
1b) elevated stage, pulpit
1c) raised bed
also (in plural) feminine migdalah {mig-daw- law'}; from
1431; a tower (from its size or height); by analogy, a
rostrum; figuratively, a (pyramidal) bed of flowers:-castle,
flower, tower. Compare the names following.
see HEBREW for 01431
in Bible:
Tower of Furnaces (NASB)
Tower of the Fire Pots (NET)
Tower of the Ovens (NET, KJV, NIV, NRSV, TEV)

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