ma'owr <03974>

rwam ma'owr or ram ma'or also (in pl.) fem. hrwam m@'owrah or hram m@orah

Pronunciation:maw-ore' maw-ore' meh-o-raw' meh-o-raw'
Origin:from 0215
Reference:TWOT - 52f
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:rwamh 7, rwaml 5, rwam 2, tram 1, tramh 1, yrwam 1, raml 1
In NET:light 12, lights 2, bright 1, moon 1
In AV:light 18, bright 1
Definition:1) light, luminary
or maor {maw-ore'}; also (in plural) feminine mpowrah
{meh-o-raw'}; or morah {meh-o-raw'}; from 215; properly, a
luminous body or luminary, i.e. (abstractly) light (as an
element): figuratively, brightness, i.e.cheerfulness;
specifically, a chandelier:-bright, light.
see HEBREW for 0215

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