Leviyiy <03881>

yywl Leviyiy or ywl Leviy

Pronunciation:lay-vee-ee' lay-vee'
Origin:patronymically from 03878
In Hebrew:Mywlh 147, Mywlhw 58, Mywll 34, ywlh 21, ywl 10, Mywllw 9, ywlhw 6, ywll 4, Mywlhmw 1, wnywl 1, Mywlb 1
In NET:Levites 248, Levite 20, Levitical 12, Levi 6, Levite's 1
In AV:Levite 286
Definition:Levite = see Levi "joined to"

1) the descendants of Levi, the 3rd son of Jacob by Leah
1a) the tribe descended from Levi specially set aside by God for
His service
or Leviy {lay-vee'}; patronymically from 3878; a Levite or
descendant of Levi:-Leviite.
see HEBREW for 03878
in Bible:
Levi (NET)
Levite (NET, NIV)
Levites (NET, NIV)
Levitical (NET, KJV, NASB, NIV, TEV)
levitical (NRSV)

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