luw' <03863>

awl luw' or al lu' or wl luw

Pronunciation:loo loo loo
Origin:a conditional particle
Reference:TWOT - 1085
In Hebrew:wl 15, wlw 2, awl 2, *wl {al} 1, al 1, *awlw {alw} 1
In NET:if 6, If only 4, If 2, wish 2, if only 1, only 1, Suppose 1
In AV:if 6, would God 4, O that 3, Oh 2, would it might be 1, if haply 1, peradventure 1, Oh that 1, pray thee 1, Though 1, would 1
Definition:1) if, oh that!, if only!
1a) if (unlikely condition)
1b) if only!, oh that!, would that!
or lu {loo}; or luw {loo}; a conditional particle; if; by
implication (interj. as a wish) would that!:-if (haply),
peradventure, I pray thee, though, I would, would God (that).

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