'eythan <0386>

Ntya 'eythan or (shortened) Nta 'ethan

Pronunciation:ay-thawn' ay-thawn'
Origin:from an unused root (meaning to continue)
Reference:TWOT - 935a
In Hebrew:Ntya 8, Nta 1, Ntyab 1, Myntahw 1, wntyal 1, Myntaw 1
In NET:pastureland 2, harsh 1, flowing water 1, enduring 1, continual 1, never dries up 1, normal state 1, steady 1, potentates 1, perpetually flowing 1, strong 1
In AV:strong 5, mighty 4, strength 2, hard 1, rough 1
Definition:1) perpetual, constant, perennial, ever-flowing
1a) ever-flowing (of a stream)
1b) permanence, permanent, enduring (fig.)
or (shortened) ethan {ay-thawn'}; from an unused root
(meaning to continue); permanence; hence (concrete) permanent;
specifically a chieftain:-hard, mighty, rough, strength,

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