'iythay (Aramaic) <0383>

ytya 'iythay (Aramaic)

Origin:corresponding to 03426
Reference:TWOT - 2572
In Hebrew:ytya 12, Nwkytya 2, *antya {anytya} 1, yhwtya 1, *Ktyah {Kytyah} 1
In NET:exists 3, don't 2, There is 2, determine 1, are 1, Are 1, will 1, there are 1, possess 1, has come 1, there is 1
In AV:to be 17
Definition:1) there is, there are
2) particle denoting existence
(Aramaic) corresponding to 3426; properly, entity; used only
as a particle of affirmation, there is:-art thou, can, do
ye, have, it be, there is (are), X we will not.
see HEBREW for 03426

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