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NETBible: Strong -- 03828

l@bownah <03828>

hnwbl l@bownah or hnbl l@bonah

Pronunciation:leb-o-naw' leb-o-naw'
Origin:from 03836, Greek 3030 libanov
Reference:TWOT - 1074d
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:hnbl 6, hnwblw 4, hnwblhw 2, hnwblh 2, htnbl 2, hnwbl 2, hnblw 1, hnblh 1, hnwblb 1
In NET:frankincense 12, incense 8, spice 1
In AV:frankincense 15, incense 6
Definition:1) frankincense
1a) a white resin burned as fragrant incense
1a1) ceremonially
1a2) personally
1a3) used in compounding the holy incense
or lbonah {leb-o-naw'}; from 3836; frankincense (from its
whiteness or perhaps that of its smoke): -(frank-)incense.
see HEBREW for 03836

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