Kasday (Aramaic) <03779>

ydsk Kasday (Aramaic)

Origin:corresponding to 03778
PrtSpch:noun masculine pater
In Hebrew:*yadvk {aydvk} 3, Nyadvk 2, *hadvk {aydvk} 1, *yadvkl {aydvkl} 1, ydvkw 1
In NET:wise men 5, Babylonian 1, wise man 1, Chaldeans 1
In AV:Chaldean 8
Definition:Chaldean = "clod breakers"

1) the inhabitants of Chaldea, living on the lower Euphrates and Tigris
2) those persons considered the wisest in the land (by extension)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 3778; a Chaldaean or inhabitant of
Chaldaea; by implication, a Magian or professional
see HEBREW for 03778
in Bible:
Babylonian (NET)
Babylonians (NET)
Chaldean (NET, KJV, NASB, NIV, TEV)
Chaldeans (NET, NASB, NIV, NRSV)

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