kor <03734>

rk kor

Origin:from the same as 03564, Greek 2884 korov
Reference:TWOT - 1031
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:rk 4, Myrk 3, Nyrk 1, rkh 1
In NET:cors 4, kors 3, 20,000 baths 1, kor 1
In AV:measure 8, cor 1
Definition:1) kor, a measure (usually dry)
1a) a dry or liquid measure equal to 10 ephahs or baths
1a1) a dry measure containing 6.25 bushels (220 l)
1a2) a liquid measure of 58 gallons (263 l)
from the same as 3564; properly, a deep round vessel, i.e.
(specifically) a cor or measure for things dry:-cor, measure.
Aramaic the same.
see HEBREW for 03564

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