'eylam <0361>

Mlya 'eylam or (shortened) Mla 'elam or (feminine) hmla 'elammah

Pronunciation:ay-lawm' ay-lawm' ay-lam-maw'
Origin:probably from 0352
Reference:TWOT - 45j
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:*wymlaw {wmlaw} 7, *wymlalw {wmlalw} 2, *wymlyaw {wmlyaw} 2, twmlal 1, twmlaw 1, *wmlaw 1, *wymlyalw {wmlyalw} 1
In NET:porches 14, porch 1
In AV:arches 15
Definition:1) porch, vestibule, portico
or (shortened) ;elam {ay-lawm'}; or (feminine) ielammah
{ay-lam-maw'}; probably from 352; a pillar-space (or
colonnade), i.e. a pale (or portico):-arch.
see HEBREW for 0352

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