kakah <03602>

hkk kakah

Origin:from 03541
Reference:TWOT - 956
In Hebrew:hkk 33, hkkw 2, hkks 2
In NET:this 6, This 5, so 3, this way 3, So 3, In the same way 2, Thus 2, This shows how 1, This is what 1, In this way 1, like this 1, that 1, these things 1, such things 1, such a thing 1, same thing 1, as has done 1
In AV:thus, so, after, this, even so, in such a case
Definition:1) like this, thus
from 3541; just so, referring to the previous or following
context:-after that (this) manner, this matter, (even) so, in
such a case, thus.
see HEBREW for 03541

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