kowc <03563>

owk kowc

Origin:from an unused root meaning to hold together
Reference:TWOT - 965 966
PrtSpch:noun feminime, noun masculine
In Hebrew:owk 18, owkh 7, Mowk 1, howk 1, owkw 1, yowkw 1, yowk 1, owkk 1, wokmw 1, twokw 1
In NET:cup 23, goblet 2, little owl 2, pitchers 1, screech owl 1
In AV:cup 31, owl 3
Definition:n f
1) cup

n m
2) a kind of owl (an unclean bird)
from an unused root meaning to hold together; a cup (as a
container), often figuratively, a lot (as if a potion); also
some unclean bird, probably an owl (perhaps from the cup-like
cavity of its eye):-cup, (small) owl. Compare 3599.
see HEBREW for 03599

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