yathed <03489>

dty yathed

Origin:from an unused root meaning to pin through or fast
Reference:TWOT - 932a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:tdty 5, dty 5, dtyh 3, Mtdtyw 2, wytdty 2, dtyl 1, dtyw 1, dtyb 1, Kytdtyw 1, tdtyh 1, hytdtyw 1, dtyhw 1
In NET:pegs 10, tent peg 4, peg 4, pin 2, stakes 2, secure position 1, spade 1
In AV:pin 13, nail 8, stake 2, paddle 1
Definition:1) pin, stake, peg, nail
1a) pin, peg, tent pin, tent stake
1b) nail, pin (fig.)
1c) pin (used in weaving)
from an unused root meaning to pin through or fast; a
peg:-nail, paddle, pin, stake.

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