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NETBible: Strong -- 03409

yarek <03409>

Kry yarek

Origin:from an unused root meaning to be soft
Reference:TWOT - 916a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:Kry 18, wkry 6, hkry 4, ykry 2, Mykry 1, Kkry 1, Kykry 1, Kryh 1
In NET:thigh 11, side 8, hip 5, thighs 2, base 2, shaft 1, breasts 1
In AV:thigh 21, side 7, shaft 3, loins 2, body 1
Definition:1) thigh, side, loin, base
1a) thigh
1a1) outside of thigh (where sword was worn)
1a2) loins (as the seat of procreative power)
1b) side (flank) (of object)
1c) base
from an unused root meaning to be soft; the thigh (from its
fleshy softness); by euphem. the generative parts;
figuratively, a shank, flank, side:-X body, loins, shaft,
side, thigh.

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