ya`an <03282>

Ney ya`an

Origin:from an unused root meaning to pay attention
Reference:TWOT - 1650e
PrtSpch:conjunction, preposition
In Hebrew:Ney 96, Neybw 2, Neyb 1
In NET:Because 28, because 28, For 2, Surely because 2, Since 1, Here is what 1, Why 1, for this 1, for 1, as 1, so 1, This 1
In AV:because, even, seeing, forasmuch, that, whereas, why
1) because, therefore, because that, on account of

2) because of, on account of
3) why (with interrogative pron)
from an unused root meaning to pay attention; properly, heed;
by implication, purpose (sake or account); used adverbially to
indicate the reason or cause:-because (that), forasmuch (+
as), seeing then, + that, + wheras, + why.

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