yanshuwph <03244>

Pwvny yanshuwph or Pwvny yanshowph

Pronunciation:yan-shoof' yan-shofe'
Origin:apparently from 05398
Reference:TWOT - 1434b
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Pwsnyh 2, Pwsnyw 1
In NET:Owls 1, long-eared owl 1, screech owl 1
In AV:great owl 2, owl 1
Definition:1) great owl, eared owl
1a) an unclean animal
or yanshowph {yan-shofe'}; apparently from 5398; an unclean
(acquatic) bird; probably the heron (perhaps from its blowing
cry, or because the night-heron is meant (compare
5399))):-(great) owl.s
see HEBREW for 05398
see HEBREW for 05399

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