yachas <03187>

sxy yachas

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 862
In Hebrew:Mvxythw 5, Mvxyth 3, vxythl 3, vxyth 2, Myvxytmh 2, wvxyth 2, vxythb 1
In NET:listed in the genealogical records 4, genealogical materials 2, listed in their genealogical records 2, genealogical records 2, enrolled on the basis of genealogy 1, Genealogical records were kept 1, enrolled with them by genealogy 1, enrolled by genealogy 1, genealogical records listed 1, listed 1, kept genealogical records 1, recorded in the genealogical records 1
In AV:reckoned by genealogy 12, genealogy 6, number...genealogy 2
Definition:1) (Hithpael) to reckon genealogically, enrol on a genealogy, enrol,
be enrolled
a primitive root; to sprout; used only as denominative from
3188; to enroll by pedigree:-(number after, number throughout
the) genealogy (to be reckoned), be reckoned by genealogies.
see HEBREW for 03188

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