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NETBible: Strong -- 03088

Y@howram <03088>

Mrwhy Y@howram

Origin:from 03068 and 07311
PrtSpch:noun proper masculine
In Hebrew:Mrwhy 24, Mrwhyw 3, Mrwhyl 2
In NET:Jehoram 23, Joram 4, Jehoram's 2
In AV:Jehoram 23, Joram 6
Definition:Jehoram or Joram = "Jehovah is exalted"

1) son of king Jehoshaphat of Judah and himself king of Judah for 8
years; his wife was the wicked Athaliah who was probably the
instigator for his returning the nation of Judah to the worship of
2) son of king Ahab of the northern kingdom of Israel and king of
Israel himself for 12 years; he was murdered by Jehu on the plot of
land for which his father had murdered Naboth thus fulfilling the
prophecy of Elijah to the very letter
3) a priest in the reign of Jehoshaphat
from 3068 and 7311; Jehovah-raised; Jehoram, the name of a
Syrian and of three Israelites:-Jehoram, Joram. Compare 3141.
see HEBREW for 03068
see HEBREW for 07311
see HEBREW for 03141
in Bible:
Jehoram (NIV)

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