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NETBible: Strong -- 03038

Y@duwthuwn <03038>

Nwtwdy Y@duwthuwn or Nwtdy Y@duthuwn or Nwtydy Y@diythuwn

Pronunciation:yed-oo-thoon' yed-oo-thoon' yed-ee-thoon'
Origin:probably from 03034
PrtSpch:noun proper masculine
In Hebrew:Nwtwdy 6, Nwtwdyw 4, *Nwtwdy {Nwtydy} 2, Nwtdyl 1, Nwtdyw 1, Nwtydy 1, *Nwtwdyl {Nwtydyl} 1, Nwtwdyl 1
In NET:Jeduthun 16
In AV:Jeduthun 17
Definition:Jeduthun = "praising"

1) a Levite of the family of Merari and the chief of one of the 3
choirs of the temple whose descendants also formed one of the
perpetual temple choirs; he is named at the beginning of 3 Psalms
(Ps 39:1; 62:1; 77:1) either as the composer or the recipient
of those Psalms but most likely as the leader of the choir by which
those Psalms were to be sung
or Yduthuwn {yed-oo-thoon'}; or Ydiythuwn {yed-ee-thoon'};
probably from 3034; laudatory; Jeduthun, an
see HEBREW for 03034
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