yabal <02986>

lby yabal

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 835
In Hebrew:lbwy 6, ynlby 2, wlybwy 2, hnlbwt 1, Mlybwa 1, lbwa 1, Nwlbwy 1, wlbwy 1, hwlby 1, lbwt 1, Nwlbwt 1
In NET:led 4, carried 3, bring 3, lead 2, brought 1, bring back 1, delivered 1, escorted 1, send 1, bubbling 1
In AV:bring 11, carry 4, bring forth 1, lead forth 1, lead 1
Definition:1) to bring, lead, carry, conduct, bear along
1a) (Hiphil)
1a1) to bear along, bring
1a2) to carry away, lead away
1a3) to lead, conduct
1b) (Hophal)
1b1) to be borne along
1b2) to be borne (to the grave)
1b3) to be brought, be led, be conducted
a primitive root; properly, to flow; causatively, to bring
(especially with pomp):-bring (forth), carry, lead (forth).

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