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NETBible: Strong -- 02974

ya'al <02974>

lay ya'al

Origin:a primitive root [probably rather the same as 02973 through the idea of mental weakness]
Reference:TWOT - 831
In Hebrew:lawyw 5, lawh 4, lyawh 3, ytlawh 2, layw 2, wnlawh 1, trwaml 1, tlawh 1, wlyawh 1
In NET:willing 3, managed 3, agreed 2, undertaken 2, Please 2, began 1, determined 1, lights 1, tried 1, pleased 1, good enough 1
In AV:content 7, please 4, would 3, taken upon me 2, began 1, assayed 1, willingly 1
Definition:1) to begin, make a beginning, show willingness, undertake to do, be
pleased, be determined
1a) (Hiphil)
1a1) to agree to, show willingness, acquiesce, accept an
invitation, be willing
1a2) to undertake
1a3) to resolve, be pleased, be determined
a primitive root (probably rather the same as 2973 through
the idea of mental weakness); properly, to yield, especially
assent; hence (pos.) to undertake as an act of
volition:-assay, begin, be content, please, take upon, X
willingly, would.
see HEBREW for 02973

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