tabba`ath <02885>

tebj tabba`ath

Origin:from 02883
Reference:TWOT - 789a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:tebj 17, tebjb 9, tebjh 9, twebj 4, wtebj 3, twebjh 2, Mhytebj 1, Mtebj 1, wytebjm 1, *wytebjm {wtebjm} 1, tebjw 1
In NET:rings 39, signet ring 7, ring 2, signet rings 1
In AV:ring 49
Definition:1) ring, signet, signet ring
1a) signet ring (as symbol of authority)
1b) ring (as ornament)
from 2883; properly, a seal (as sunk into the wax), i.e.
signet (for sealing); hence (generally) a ring of any
see HEBREW for 02883

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