chathan <02860>

Ntx chathan

Origin:from 02859
Reference:TWOT - 781c
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Ntx 14, Ntxk 2, wyntx 2, wntx 1, Ntxw 1
In NET:bridegroom 6, son-in-law 6, grooms 4, sons-in-law 3, related 1
In AV:law 10, bridegroom 8, husband 2
Definition:1) son-in-law, daughter's husband, bridegroom, husband
from 2859; a relative by marriage (especially through the
bride); figuratively, a circumcised child (as a species of
religious espousal):-bridegroom, husband, son in law.
see HEBREW for 02859

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