Chittiy <02850>

ytx Chittiy

Origin:from 02845
Reference:TWOT - 776a
PrtSpch:noun patrial masculine
In Hebrew:ytxh 31, ytxhw 9, Mytxh 5, tytx 3
In NET:Hittite 23, Hittites 22, Hethite 2, Syria 1
In AV:Hittite 48
Definition:Hittite = "descendant of Heth"

1) the nation descended from Heth, the 2nd son of Canaan; once inhabitants
of central Anatolia (modern Turkey), later in north Lebanon
patronymically from 2845; a Chittite, or descendant of
Cheth:-Hittite, Hittities.
see HEBREW for 02845
in Bible:
Hethite (NET)
Hittite (NET, KJV, NASB, NIV, TEV)
Hittites (NET, NIV, NRSV)
sons of Heth (NET)
Tahtim Hodshi (NET)

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