chaqaq <02710>

qqx chaqaq

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 728
In Hebrew:yqqxm 2, qqxm 2, wqwxb 2, Myqqxm 1, Myqqxh 1, twqxw 1, qqxmw 1, wqxyw 1, yqqx 1, Myqqx 1, qqxmb 1, hqx 1, wqqxy 1, wnqqxm 1, yqqwxl 1, Kytqx 1
In NET:leaders 2, marked out 2, scepter 2, decree 1, commander 1, carves 1, Inscribe 1, carved 1, decreed 1, inscribed 1, ruler's staff 1, scepters 1, ruler 1, written 1, inscribe 1, enact 1
In AV:lawgiver 6, governor 2, decree 2, to grave 2, portray 2, law 1, printed 1, set 1, note 1, appoint 1
Definition:1) to cut out, decree, inscribe, set, engrave, portray, govern
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to cut in
1a2) to cut in or on, cut upon, engrave, inscribe
1a3) to trace, mark out
1a4) to engrave, inscribe (of a law)
1b) (Poel)
1b1) to inscribe, enact, decree
1b2) one who decrees, lawgiver (participle)
1c) (Pual) something decreed, the law (participle)
1d) (Hophal) to be inscribed
a primitive root; properly, to hack, i.e. engrave (Judges
5:14, to be a scribe simply); by implication, to enact (laws
being cut in stone or metal tablets in primitive times) or
(gen.) prescribe:-appoint, decree, governor, grave, lawgiver,
note, pourtray, print, set.

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