Chatsiy ham-M@nuchowth <02679>

twxnmh yux Chatsiy ham-M@nuchowth

Pronunciation:chat-tsee' ham-men-oo-khoth'
Origin:from 02677 and the plural of 04496, with the article interposed
PrtSpch:noun proper masculine collective
In Hebrew:twxnmh 1
In NET:Manahathites 1
In AV:Manahethites 1
Definition:(half of the) Manahethites = see Manaheth "resting place"

1) half of the Manassites; also spelled like 02680
from 2677 and the plural of 4496, with the article
interposed; midst of the resting- places;
Chatsi-ham-Menuchoth, an Israelite:-half of the Manahethites.
see HEBREW for 02677
see HEBREW for 04496
in Bible:
Manahathites (NET, NASB, NIV)
Menuhoth (KJV, NRSV, TEV)

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