chalaph <02498>

Plx chalaph

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 666
In Hebrew:Plxy 4, Plxyw 3, Plx 2, Plxw 2, wplx 2, wpylxy 2, wnpylxy 1, Pylxy 1, wplxyw 1, Plxhw 1, hplxw 1, whplxt 1, Plxtw 1, tplxw 1, Pylxt 1, Pylxn 1, wpylxhw 1, Plxl 1, Mpylxt 1
In NET:changed 3, replace 2, disappear 1, disregarded 1, continue 1, drove through 1, change 1, blowing 1, comes by 1, find renewed 1, sprout 1, sprouts up 1, renewed 1, remove 1, glide 1, passes by 1, sweep 1
In AV:change 10, pass 3, renew 3, strike through 2, grow up 2, abolish 1, sprout again 1, alter 1, pass away 1, cut off 1, go on 1, pass on 1, over 1
Definition:1) to pass on or away, pass through, pass by, go through, grow up,
change, to go on from
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to pass on quickly
1a2) to pass away (vanish)
1a3) to come on anew, sprout again (of grass)
1a4) to pass through
1a5) to overstep, transgress
1b) (Piel) to cause to pass, change
1c) (Hiph)
1c1) to change, substitute, alter, change for better, renew
1c2) to show newness (of tree)
a primitive root; properly, to slide by, i.e. (by
implication) to hasten away, pass on, spring up, pierce or
change:-abolish, alter, change, cut off, go on forward, grow
up, be over, pass (away, on, through), renew, sprout, strike

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