chaliylah <02486>

hlylx chaliylah or hllx chalilah

Pronunciation:khaw-lee'-law khaw-lee'-law
Origin:a directive from 02490
Reference:TWOT - 661c
PrtSpch:interjection substantive
In Hebrew:hlylx 18, hllx 3
In NET:Far be it 9, Get serious 2, May it never be 2, forbid 2, not 1, By no means 1, never 1, keep me far away from 1, far be it from me 1, prevent me 1
In AV:God forbid 9, far be it 4, be...far 4, Lord forbid 3, misc 1
Definition:1) far be it (from me), God forbid that, let it not be
or chalilah {khaw-lee'-law}; a directive from 2490; literal
for a profaned thing; used (interj.) far be it!:-be far, (X
God) forbid.
see HEBREW for 02490

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