chakah <02442>

hkx chakah

Origin:a primitive root [apparently akin to 02707 through the idea of piercing]
Reference:TWOT - 645
In Hebrew:wkx 2, hkx 2, htkx 1, hkxml 1, wnykxw 1, hkxmh 1, hkxt 1, ytykxw 1, ykxkw 1, Mykxmh 1, hkxy 1, ykwx 1
In NET:wait 8, patiently 1, lying in ambush 1, quickly 1, ready 1, waited 1, waits 1
In AV:wait 11, tarry 2, long 1
Definition:1) to wait, wait for, await
1a) (Qal) to wait for
1b) (Piel)
1b1) to wait, tarry
1b2) to wait (in ambush)
1b3) to wait for, long for
a primitive root (apparently akin to 2707 through the idea of
piercing); properly, to adhere to; hence, to await:-long,
tarry, wait.
see HEBREW for 02707

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