chach <02397>

xx chach once (\\#Eze 29:4\\) yxx chachiy

Pronunciation:khawkh khakh-ee'
Origin:from the same as 02336
Reference:TWOT - 620b
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:yxx 2, Myxxb 2, Myxx 1, xx 1, *Myxx {Myyxx} 1
In NET:hooks 4, hook 2, brooches 1
In AV:hook 5, chain 2, bracelet 1
Definition:1) hook, ring, fetter, brooch
1a) hook, ring (in nose of captive)
1b) hook, ring (as jewellery)
1b1) nose ring
1b2) bracelet
once (Ezek. 29:4) chachiy {khakh-ee'}; from the same as 2336;
a ring for the nose (or lips):-bracelet, chain, hook.
see HEBREW for 02336

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