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NETBible: Strong -- 02371

Chaza'el <02371>

lazx Chaza'el or lahzx Chazah'el

Pronunciation:khaz-aw-ale' khaz-aw-ale'
Origin:from 02372 and 0410
PrtSpch:noun proper masculine
In Hebrew:lazx 15, lahzx 6, lazxl 1, lazxw 1
In NET:Hazael 20, Hazael's 3
In AV:Hazael 23
Definition:Hazael = "one who sees God"

1) a king of Syria; sent by his master, Ben-hadad, to the prophet
Elisha, to seek a remedy for Ben-hadad's leprosy; apparently later
killed Ben-hadad, assumed the throne, and soon became engaged in a
war with the kings of Judah and Israel for the possession of the
city of Ramoth-gilead
or Chazahoel {khaz-aw-ale'}; from 2372 and 410; God has seen;
Chazael, a king of Syria:-Hazael.
see HEBREW for 02372
see HEBREW for 0410
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