chagag <02287>

ggx chagag

Origin:a primitive root [compare 02283, 02328]
Reference:TWOT - 602
In Hebrew:Mtgxw 3, wgxt 2, gxl 2, gxt 2, gxlw 1, wgxyw 1, Myggxw 1, ggwx 1, whgxt 1, wgwxy 1, ygx 1
In NET:celebrate 8, celebrated the holy festival 1, Celebrate 1, enjoying 1, hold a pilgrim feast 1, observe 1, make a pilgrim feast 1, keep 1, swayed 1
In AV:keep 8, ...feast 3, celebrate 1, keep a solemn feast 1, dancing 1, holyday 1, reel to and fro 1
Definition:1) to hold a feast, hold a festival, make pilgrimage, keep a
pilgrim-feast, celebrate, dance, stagger
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to keep a pilgrim-feast
1a2) to reel
a primitive root (compare 2283, 2328); properly, to move in a
circle, i.e. (specifically) to march in a sacred procession,
to observe a festival; by implication, to be
giddy:-celebrate, dance, (keep, hold) a (solemn) feast
(holiday), reel to and fro.
see HEBREW for 02283
see HEBREW for 02328

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