'az <0227>

za 'az

Origin:a demonstrative adv
Reference:TWOT - 54
In Hebrew:za 119, zam 17, zaw 4, zamw 1
In NET:Then 49, then 19, time 18, beforehand 5, since 4, At that time 3, before 2, Now 1, Previously 1, Furthermore 1, For 1, previously 1, Since 1, So 1, from 1, for 1, past 1, That 1, Someday 1, first 1
In AV:beginning, even, for, from, hitherto, now, old, since, then, time, when, yet
Definition:1) then, at that time
1a) temporal expressions
1a1) then (past)
1a2) then, if...then (future)
1a3) earlier
1b) logical expressions
1b1) in that case
1b2) that (being so)
a demonstrative adverb; at that time or place; also as a
conjunction, therefore:-beginning, for, from, hitherto, now,
of old, once, since, then, at which time, yet.

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