zanach <02186>

xnz zanach

Origin:a primitive root meaning to push aside
Reference:TWOT - 564
In Hebrew:txnz 3, xnz 3, wntxnz 3, xnzt 2, xnzy 2, Kxynzy 1, xnztw 1, Mxynzh 1, Mytxnz 1, xynzh 1, yntxnz 1, wxynzahw 1
In NET:rejected 9, reject 6, prohibited 1, deprived 1, stink 1, removed 1, spurned 1
In 17, cast away 1, turn...away 1, removed...far off
Definition:1) to cast off, reject, spurn
1a) (Qal) to reject
1b) (Hiphil) to forcefully reject someone
2) to stink, emit stench, become odious
2a) (Hiphil) stink (perfect)
a primitive root meaning to push aside, i.e. reject, forsake,
fail:-cast away (off), remove far away (off).

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