z@mowrah <02156>

hrwmz z@mowrah or hrmz z@morah (fem.) and rmz z@mor (masc.)

Pronunciation:zem-o-raw' zem-o-raw' zem-ore'
Origin:from 02168
Reference:TWOT - 559b
PrtSpch:noun masculine/feminime
In Hebrew:hrwmzh 2, hrwmz 1, trmzw 1, Mhyrmzw 1
In NET:branch 2, branches 1, fields 1, vines 1
In AV:branch 4, slip 1
Definition:1) branch, twig, shoot
or zmorah {zem-o-raw'} (feminine); and zmor {zem-ore'}
(masculine); from 2168; a twig (as pruned):-vine, branch,
see HEBREW for 02168

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