'owphan <0212>

Npwa 'owphan or Npa (shortened) 'ophan

Pronunciation:o-fawn' o-fawn'
Origin:from an unused root meaning to revolve
Reference:TWOT - 146a
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Mynpwah 11, Npwah 6, Npwa 5, Mynpwahw 4, Npwaw 2, Mynpwab 2, Mhynpwa 1, Npa 1, Mynpwal 1, ynpwa 1, Mynpwa 1
In NET:wheels 21, wheel 11, axles 1
In AV:wheel(s) 35, fitly 1
Definition:1) wheel
1a) chariot wheel
1b) wheel in Ezekiel's vision
1c) wheels of the ten bases beneath the lavers in Solomon's temple
or (shortened) pophan {o-fawn'}; from an unused root meaning
to revolve; a wheel:-wheel.

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