zuwb <02100>

bwz zuwb

Origin:a primitive root
Reference:TWOT - 534
In Hebrew:tbz 20, bzh 9, bz 5, wbwzyw 2, bwzy 1, wbwzy 1, bwzt 1, bzhw 1, hbz 1, wbzyw 1
In NET:flowing 12, discharge 9, flows 3, running sore 1, ebbing away 1, flowed out 1, rich 1, waste away 1
In AV:flow 21, have an issue 14, gush out 3, pine away 1, hath 1, have 1, run 1
Definition:1) to flow, gush, issue, discharge
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to flow, gush
1a2) to die, pine away (fig.)
1a3) to flow (of issue from woman), have an issue, flux
1a4) flowing (participle)
a primitive root; to flow freely (as water), i.e.
(specifically) to have a (sexual) flux; figuratively, to waste
away; also to overflow:-flow, gush out, have a (running)
issue, pine away, run.

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