Z@buwluwn <02074>

Nwlwbz Z@buwluwn or Nwlbz Z@buluwn or Nlwbz Z@buwlun

Pronunciation:zeb-oo-loon' zeb-oo-loon' zeb-oo-loon';
Origin:from 02082, Greek 2194 Zaboulwn
Reference:TWOT - 526b
PrtSpch:noun proper masculine, noun proper locative
In Hebrew:Nlwbz 25, Nwlbz 6, Nwlbzb 2, Nlwbzw 2, Nlwbzl 2, Nwlbzw 2, Nlwbzlw 1, Nwlbzm 1, rsvy 1, Nlwbzmw 1, Nwlbzmw 1, Nwlbzbw 1
In NET:Zebulun 41, Zebulunites 4
In AV:Zebulun 45
Definition:Zebulun = "exalted"

n pr m
1) the 10th of the sons of Jacob, 6th and last of Leah; progenitor
of Zebulun
2) the tribe descended from Zebulun

n pr loc
3) the land allocated to the tribe of Zebulun
or Zbuluwn {zeb-oo-loon'}; or Zbuwlun {zeb-oo-loon'}; from
2082; habitation; Zebulon, a son of Jacob; also his territory
and tribe:-Zebulun.
see HEBREW for 02082
in Bible:
Zebulunites (NET)

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