hennah <02007>

hnh hennah

Origin:prolongation for 02004
Reference:TWOT - 504
PrtSpch:pronoun third person feminime plural
In Hebrew:hnh 25, hnhm 7, hnhl 4, hnhw 3, hnhb 3, hnhk 2, hnhkw 2, hnhh 1, hnhlw 1
In NET:they 6, They 3, them 3, These 1, Their 1, anyone 1, sin 1, these creatures 1, these 1, their 1, nearby 1
In AV:they, their, those, this side, them, such, these
Definition:1) they, these, the same, who
prolongation for 2004; themselves (often used emphatic for
the copula, also in indirect relation):-X in, X such (and
such things), their, (into) them, thence, therein, these, they
(had), on this side, whose, wherein.
see HEBREW for 02004

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