hal@ah <01973>

halh hal@ah

Origin:from the primitive form of the article [hal]
Reference:TWOT - 496a
In Hebrew:halhw 11, halhm 3, halh 2
In NET:beyond 4, far and wide 2, onward 2, distance 1, continuing 1, Out of way 1, forward 1, outside 1, on the other side 1, on 1, thereafter 1
In AV:beyond 5, forward 5, hitherto 2, back 1; thenceforth 1, henceforth 1, yonder 1
Definition:1) out there, onwards, further
1a) yonder, beyond (of place)
1b) onwards (of time)
from the primitive form of the article (hal); to the
distance, i.e. far away; also (of time) thus far:-back,
beyond, (hence,-)forward, hitherto, thence,forth, yonder.

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