'uwlam <0197>

Mlwa 'uwlam or (shortened) Mla 'ulam

Pronunciation:oo-lawm' oo-lawm'
Origin:from 0481 (in the sense of tying)
Reference:TWOT - 45c
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:Mlwah 7, Mla 7, Mlwa 5, Mlwal 2, Mlwahw 2, Mlwaw 2, Mlal 2, Mlwak 1, Mlaw 1, Mlalw 1, Mlabw 1, Mlwab 1, Mlah 1, ymlaw 1
In NET:porch 27, hall 2, Hall 1, colonnade 1, room 1, vestibule 1
In AV:porch(es) 34
Definition:1) porch
1a) in Solomon's temple
1b) in Solomon's palace
1c) in temple of Ezekiel's vision
or (shortened) ,ulam {oo-lawm'}; from 481 (in the sense of
tying); a vestibule (as bound to the building):-porch.
see HEBREW for 0481

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