huw (Aramaic) <01932>

awh huw (Aramaic) or (fem.) ayh hiy' (Aramaic)

Pronunciation:hoo he
Origin:corresponding to 01931
Reference:TWOT - 2693
PrtSpch:pronoun third person singular
In Hebrew:awh 9, ayh 5, awhw 3, ayhw 2
In NET:is 5, was 2, It is 1, It was 1, Is 1, He 1, are 1, he will 1, this has 1, it will 1, will 1, belong 1
In AV:to be 2, it 2, this 2, one 1
Definition:1) he, she, it
1a) (emphasising and resuming subject)
1b) (anticipating subj)
1c) as demons pron
1d) (relative)
1e) (affirming existence)
(Aramaic) or (feminine) hiyo (Aramaic) {he}; corresponding to
1931:-X are, it, this.
see HEBREW for 01931

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