'eviyl <0191>

lywa 'eviyl

Origin:from an unused root (meaning to be perverse)
Reference:TWOT - 44a
PrtSpch:adjective masculine
In Hebrew:lywa 14, Mylwa 3, lywaw 2, lywal 2, Mylywaw 2, lywah 1, Mylywa 1
In NET:fool 11, fools 5, foolish 3, foolishness 2, Fools 1, foolish person 1, trapper's snare 1, fool's 1
In AV:fool(s) 20, foolish (man) 6
Definition:1) be foolish, foolish
1a) (subst)
1a1) of one who despises wisdom
1a2) of one who mocks when guilty
1a3) of one who is quarrelsome
1a4) of one who is licentious
from an unused root (meaning to be perverse); (figuratively)
silly:-fool(-ish) (man).

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