'owdowth <0182>

twdwa 'owdowth or (shortened) twda 'odowth

Pronunciation:o-doth' o-doth'
Origin:from the same as 0181
Reference:TWOT - 38b
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:twda 6, tdwa 3, ytwda 1, Kytwda 1
In NET:because 5, concerning 1, sake 1
In AV:because 5, cause(s) 2, concerning 2, [concerning] thee 1, sake 1
Definition:1) cause
1a) cause, reason for
1b) the occasion of
or (shortened) rodowth {o-doth'} (only thus in the plural);
from the same as 181; turnings (i.e. occasions); (adverb) on
account of:-(be-)cause, concerning, sake.
see HEBREW for 0181

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