'ow <0176>

wa 'ow presumed to be the "constructive" or genitival form of wa 'av

Pronunciation:o av
Origin:short for 0185
Reference:TWOT - 36
In Hebrew:wa 320, *ya {wa} 1
In NET:or 277, Or 13, Whether 2, and 2, When 2, so 2, If 2, either 1, Also 1, Either 1, for just 1, unless 1, whether 1, whole or part 1, then 1, or by 1, wishes 1, however 1, even 1
In AV:also, and, desire, either, least, nor, or, otherwise, should, then, whether
Definition:1) or, rather
1a) implying that the latter choice is preferred
1b) or if, introducing an example to be seen under a particular principle
1c) (in series) either...or, whether...or
1d) if perchance
1e) except, or else
2) whether, not the least, if, otherwise, also, and, then
presumed to be the "constructive" or genitival form of -av
{av}; short for 185; desire (and so probably in Prov. 31:4);
hence (by way of alternative) or, also if:-also, and,
either, if, at the least, X nor, or, otherwise, then, whether.
see HEBREW for 0185

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