duwd <01731>

dwd duwd

Origin:from the same as 01730
Reference:TWOT - 410e
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:dwdm 1, dwdb 1, dwdh 1, Mydwdb 1, dwdhw 1, Mydwdbw 1, dwdk 1
In NET:basket 3, baskets 1, kettle 1, kettles 1, pot 1
In AV:basket 3, pot 2, kettle 1, caldron 1
Definition:1) pot, jar, basket, kettle
1a) pot, kettle
1b) basket, jar
from the same as 1730; a pot (for boiling); also (by
resemblance of shape) a basket:-basket, caldron, kettle,
(seething) pot.
see HEBREW for 01730

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