d@biyr <01687>

rybd d@biyr or (shortened) rbd d@bir

Pronunciation:deb-eer' deb-eer'
Origin:from 01696 (apparently in the sense of oracle)
Reference:TWOT - 399g
PrtSpch:noun masculine
In Hebrew:rybdh 7, rybd 3, rybdb 2, rybdl 2, rybdlw 1, rybdw 1
In NET:inner sanctuary 13, holy place 1, temple 1
In AV:oracle 16
Definition:1) the holy of holies, the innermost room of the temple or tabernacle
1a) hindmost chamber, innermost room of the temple of Solomon, most
holy place, holy of holies
2) (TWOT) oracle
or (shortened) dbir {deb-eer'}; from 1696 (apparently in the
sense of oracle); the shrine or innermost part of the
see HEBREW for 01696

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