gan <01588>

Ng gan

Origin:from 01598
Reference:TWOT - 367a
PrtSpch:noun masculine/feminime, noun proper locative
In Hebrew:Ngb 9, Ngk 8, Ngh 8, Ng 6, Ngl 3, Myngb 2, wngl 2, yngl 1, Myng 1, yng 1, Ngm 1
In NET:garden 23, orchard 13, Garden 2, gardens 2, vineyard 1, Haggan 1
In AV:garden 42
Definition:n m/f
1) garden, enclosure
1a) enclosed garden
1a1) (fig. of a bride)
1b) garden (of plants)

n pr loc
1c) Garden of Eden
from 1598; a garden (as fenced):-garden.
see HEBREW for 01598
in Bible:
Beth Haggan (NET, NIV)
Beth-Haggan (KJV, TEV)
Beth-haggan (NRSV)

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